Launch X431 Infinite

Launch X431 Infinite


Launch X431 Infinite Automotive Scan Tool Kit
When it comes to scan tool diagnostics, all tools are not created equal. The CAN-capable X-431 from Launch goes way beyond the basics. It does not just perform simple functions like resetting maintenance reminders; the X431 Infinite accesses nearly every vehicle system, including drive line, chassis, body, and networking/communication modules.
The X431 Infinite reads and clears fault codes, performs coding functions, actuations, adaptations and displays live data and graphing. On BMW alone, it accesses over 45 vehicle systems
The X-431 Infinite, picks up where the best-selling X-431 leaves off.
With the addition of state-of the art features like wireless Bluetooth communication, a full-color touch screen, internal Lithium-Ion battery and a newly-designed rugged casing, the Infinite is the next-generation tool of choice for OEM European and Asian diagnostics.
Finally, no more cables connected between the tool and the vehicle, limiting your positioning.
Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology, the X-431 Infinite wirelessly connects to the vehicle, allowing diagnostic testing from up to 30ft away!
The full-featured OEM-based software is easy to learn, yet powerfully effective; making sure you have the ability to accurately diagnose the vehicle, and move on to the next one.
Frequent software updates constantly increase the functionality of the tool, and the purchase of the X-431 Infinite includes one year of free, continuous software updates.
With vehicle coverage including over 22 manufacturers and growing, the X-431 Infinite provides dealer-level diagnostic capabilities for most European and Asian vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen/Audi, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, and Volvo.
THE X431Infinite has the deepest dealer-level capabilities and the widest range
of vehicle manufacturer coverage
New updates are made easy and simple via the Internet
Coverage includes engine, chassis, body and communication networks
Reads and clears codes, displays system data, component activation,
system adaptation, and modifies module specifics by the use of coding
Digital and Analog graphing capabilities
Optional PC Link software allows you to connect to a personal computer
to view and store data
Diagnoses over 148 vehicle systems within 24 vehicle manufacturers
Multi-language interface supports 11 different language

Product Origin: China
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Brand Name: Launch

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